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The musher of the team, which means she has the main responsibility for the well-being of all dogs in the kennel.


The dogs are the main part of the team, without them we wouldn´t have a team. Get to know each dog a bit more…

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Johanna is the backbone of the team. Structured and focused she makes sure that Katharina is not getting lost in too many ideas and projects.


The Finnmarksrace – Sleddog competition

What? The longest sled dog race in Europe. 1200 kilometers.

Where? In Northern Norway between Alta and Kirkenes

When? March 2023

Who? My beloved superathlete sleddogs and I

Why? Challange for me and my dogs. Together we are unstoppable!

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Long-distance sleddog competitions have been the highlights of every winter season since I was participating in my first competition in 2010. Back then I had no idea about what I am getting into.

Quiet some years later I can look back on many more experiences. At the same time, I feel somehow like a rookie every time again. Why? As every year the winter conditions are different, the dogteam is grown in experience and new dogs are part of it, the competitions are various and of course, I have changed, too.

To train my dogteam and also myself all the year round is a very big project. It is seriously timeconsuming, demands hard work in often tough conditions and still, it is the best I ever can imagine.

Waking up in the morning thinking about my dogs, the training for the day, looking at them right from the window (or mostly at least some of them next to our bed :-)). All day following our training plan, feeding plan, caring plan, and everything inbetween. Until bedtime, lots of hours later cuddling with some dogs. Isn´t it the perfect day?

In the past 11 years, I participated in some long-distance sleddog races. Starting with the Pasvik race, followed by several Tromsquest, Bergebyrace 350 and the Finnmarksrace 550. The results were as varied as I experienced the competitions. In the end, happily crossing the finish line at some races, scratched and doubtful on others.

But every time with a proud feeling about MY dogs. They give me all their love, strength and endurance – every single time! It is never the dogs’ failure if we need to scratch or somehow receive a check. It is me who made a bad decision, or handled a situation wrong if the answer is to scratch. There are so many reasons why that could happen but none of it is the dogs’ fault. It is me that needs to evolve – to be able to guide my team better.

All these experiences, the good ones and the bad ones give me a stronger drive to continue. There are that enormous yen to go on with dog training, race planning, feeding perfection and living this kind of life. A life with sleddogs to compete in long-distance sleddog races.

I can not imagine any reason not to do so!

My next goal is as named above the longest sleddog race in Europe: the Finnmarksrace in northern Norway. 1200 km in total, from Alta to Kirkenes and back. I planned to participate in that race for march 2021 – but as 2020 was such an exceptional year (you know why…), I had to reconsider. Asking myself lots of questions. One of it – do I still want to go on with that vision of the challenge Finnmarksrace 1200?

Well, yes is the answer. Not only yes – YEAHH, I want to! More than ever. And not only once. Of course, right now I am focusing on march 2023 – first-time participation on Finnmarksrace 1200.

But I won´t stop there, that’s for sure. No matter the outcome. The plan is to develop – every time.

What do I want to achieve in March 2023?

Well, first of all – getting well prepared to the starting line.
Second – hit the trail with glad excitement and a healthy and happy dogteam.
Third – run the trail, leg by leg with a happy and healthy dogteam.
Fourth – go on like that until crossing the finish line – with a happy and healthy dogteam.

This is the goal I aim for. On that my planning and training relies on. This is how I do it.

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