• 8seasonshuskies, schlittenhunde im Norden

    Three huskies moving south

    It has now been a year since our company had to declare bankruptcy. At the beginning of June last year, the bankruptcy estate was auctioned off. I still remember exactly how Johanna, Mona, and I sat in the garden and had to watch the buyers as they gradually carried everything from the property. I can still remember the feeling of anger, worry, uncertainty, sadness, and sheer horror. Back then, many people said to us that there is something positive in everything negative. I admit I couldn’t quite believe it. But now, in retrospect, all I can say is that you were right. The last year has influenced us all a…

  • 8seasonshuskies, katharinakochhartke

    The stillness that follows the storm

    Summertime Time is a strange thing. Especially the time division in days of the week. I grew up on a farm and I know Saturdays and Sundays, but even on these days the daily routines with the animals were done. Even back then I thought it was beautiful and absolutely natural. Animals and weather provide the necessary work. Up here in northern Sweden the conditions are more extreme, the weather is harder, and the seasons determine many of my daily jobs. I love that. There is something deeply satisfying, be it sawing, stacking and splitting wood to have enough firewood, shoveling snow in winter, fishing in summer for us and…