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    The stillness that follows the storm

    Summertime Time is a strange thing. Especially the time division in days of the week. I grew up on a farm and I know Saturdays and Sundays, but even on these days the daily routines with the animals were done. Even back then I thought it was beautiful and absolutely natural. Animals and weather provide the necessary work. Up here in northern Sweden the conditions are more extreme, the weather is harder, and the seasons determine many of my daily jobs. I love that. There is something deeply satisfying, be it sawing, stacking and splitting wood to have enough firewood, shoveling snow in winter, fishing in summer for us and…

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    The mysterious 33rd dog

    Bamse How is it that I am always talking about 33 sled dogs and one cat and only 32 dogs are presented on my website www.8seasonshuskies.com? When we started the rescue operation for our sled dogs 3 months ago, one of the first challenges was to take beautiful pictures of all our dogs.It was important to me that you get to know the dogs and to learn a little more about their so diverse personalities. In the middle of the planning of the website, Bamse, one of our seniors and “super-mom” of the kennel, was doing very badly.She had an ulcer in her vagina that caused heavy bleeding during her…

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    Game over

    Or restart It’s not even 11 weeks since we realized the full impact of the corona crisis on our life and company. And tomorrow, after less than 3 months, all the auctioned items from our company’s bankruptcy estate will be picked up by the buyers. Time is a strange unit of measurement.Sometimes it feels like this bankruptcy sh… does not stop at all and then I suddenly find myself with the feeling – yesterday everything was still okay – when did it all happen? But I’m starting from scratch … On Saturday, May 16, Johanna and I drove to Haparanda with Kitkat and Rubin (two of our young dogs) and…

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    A day in the kennel

    What are our 8SeasonsHuskies doing all day long in the end of the winter? In the last blog posts, I told you a lot about us and our life up here in the north and how we deal with the crisis. Our dogs are not impressed at all by our worries. And thanks to your help, their everyday life did not have to change significantly yet. A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us so far. You make it possible for our dogs to live the life they are used to … And what it looks like now in spring-winter , get some impressions… Morning routines It is…

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    March 2020

    “And what have you done for the past two weeks?” Or “Corona can even find you somewhere in the middle of nowhere!” On Tuesday, March 10th at 6:00 a.m. I got into the car with Mona (a friend from Germany) and we drove the almost 700km towards Alta in Northern Norway to the Finnmarkslöpet. During this 1200km long-distance race, we wanted to look over the shoulders of the leading mushers and teams in their routine at the checkpoints. My plan was to collect useful tricks that could help me in 2022 when I want to start with my own team. Until Thursday afternoon we drove from checkpoint to checkpoint, waited…

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    Special situation needs special actions

    First of all – welcome to my blog about the life with sled dogs. I had planned the blog since several month now. But never found the time. Now I have time. Normally I would have been very busy with guest tours from our company 8Seasons MI.EKO BASECAMP.  A small outdoor tourism company run by Johanna and me. Located in Swedish Lapland at the Arctic Circle. We are offering outdoor trips all year around, with focus on sustainable activities like canoeing, snowshoeing and sled dog tours. Since last year we are as well running a cozy guesthouse in Överkalix, 8SeasonsVilla. We are living with 33 sled dogs and 1 cat…