• snowmobile 8seasonshuskies

    I often wish to be heavier

    The challenge with the winter trails and my struggles with the snowmobile My team of 12 sled dogs runs silently through the snowy winter landscape of northern Sweden. Only the sliding of the sled runners and the steady trot of the working dogs on the freshly fallen snow can be heard. The cold winter air cools my cheeks, the rest is wrapped in warm clothes from head to toe. I stand on the sled and enjoy being pulled through the white landscape by my beloved dogs. Together we are an unbeatable team. It’s just a wonderful feeling to be out and about with the dogs. To explore new areas and…

  • 8seasonshuskies - kat and kitkat

    It is good to change your perspective occasionally

    I was on vacation. Ok, it was “only” 3 days of hiking around Skaulo (3 hours by car from our home in Miekojärvi). But these 3 days felt like a break, a reset, a long vacation from my current everyday life. As most of you know, we have been working in tourism for the past few years.  Many people experienced with us our Arctic Life in Northern Sweden. We loved to show and share our favorite landscapes and longing places with others. Our home was the starting point for many tours and a visit to our kennel with the huskies was often the highlight for our guests. But where and…