How to support us

Normally we finance the dogs through our work in the adventure travel business. Due to the Corona difficulties this is not possible right now, all trips got cancelled. We are looking for solutions. Your support is very much needed right now. There are two different possibilities to support us, through a donation or a dog-sponsorship.


Right now – every Euro counts – to get enough money to be able to take care of our dogs through this hard time.

For sure – we will invest all your donations right into the dogcare!

Read more about it our situation right now here.

You can simply fill out the form in the sidebar or follow this link.

If you don´t want to use PayPal for the donation and prefer traditional bank transfer contact me for the bank account details.

Support your favorite dog

If you would like to support one special dog for one year you are very welcome to become a dog- sponsor. We love to mention you under the dog presentation with your name as proud supporter. Just let us know if you don´t want that.

It is a symbolic amount for the dog care throughout the year about 250 €.

We will invest your money into food, health care and of course some special goodies and snacks!

And you are warmly welcome to visit your sponsored dog for one day – as soon as it is possible again!

Here you find all our dogs