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Our sled dogs inspire and motivate us every day. There is nothing better than watching them run and play, running enthusiastically through the garden, hide from each other, work of some energy and do some nonsense. Some of them love to catch balls and have fun jumping around the garden with dog toys.

We like to capture this joy in pictures and videos. And that’s when we got the idea to share these moments with others. We converted these playfull moments from photos into graphics, which resulted in unique templates for printing. The print is made by Seedshirt. Seedshirt has a great concept that allows us to design small and special campaigns without starting mass production. T-shirts and hoodies remain limited, with the result of unique pieces for special people.

Our first collection

The first collection consists four of our dogs: Storm, Blizzard, Flash and Thunder. As you can see from their names, there is a connection between these four dogs. They are siblings and named by powerful weather conditions as they have an incredible amount of energy. Her mother is our former lead dog Bamse, who has been with us for many years.

We have already presented two of the graphics – Storm and Blizzard – as separate campaigns. We received an incredible amount of positive feedback and a lot of t-shirts and hoodies were ordered. A HUGE THANKS to everyone who has already supported us and who can enjoy a t-shirt or hoodie.

Our shirt collection:

Husky Strom design


Storm is one of our strongest females in the team, a real power pack. Very social and playful.

For kids

And we have designed a special print for children. The shirts and hoodies are available in many great colors.

And how do you support us with your purchase?

With the purchase of a t-shirt, € 22 is donated directly to the care of the sled dogs. And with a hoodie it’s even € 32. For the smaller budget, we have added a nice coffee or tea cup, which you donate € 5 when you buy it.

Pictures of the shirts in action

Feedback: “My favorite sweater, great fabric, beautiful colors”