Saying good-bye and thank you

A dog´s life is unfortunately quite short. If you take care of a pack of dogs you have to say good-bye many times. It is not getting easier but nevertheless, it is part of life. Life is not endless, neither human´s nor dog´s.

Every farewell is hard. Our dogs are part of our family. We spend time with each other every single day. We share adventures, emotions, coziness, and everything in between. We are grateful for every day, every minute.

And when the day comes, we need to say farewell. We accompany our dogs until the last breath. We take them home to our homestead and bury them. Every dog has their nameplate in the dog yard. After the dog has left our kennel, we take the nameplate and put it on our memory wall.

But not only the nameplate remains. All wonderful memories will stay with us in our hearts. Forever!

On this page, we want to say thank you for the lovely time we had together.

Gone but not forgotten.

leo 8seasonshuskies dogs mushing

Born: 2007 / Died 2020
Liked: giving kisses, the real ones
Disliked: waiting for food

Leo was not a husky. Former street dog from Portugal, extremly crazy about food. He enjoyed his last days on the coach with daily walks. Leo was Johannas best friend.

Leo is generously supported by:
1. Ulrike Grandjean
2. Nadja Poerschke
3. Lukas Eisenstein

Read more about Leo´s farewell here


Born: 2010 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: all females and back rubes
Dislikes: nothing really

Solan, our big daddy. Proud father of 16 puppies. He is the most travelled dog in our kennel – he finished the Iditarod race over 1500km and won the Finnmarkslöpet 1000km with his first owner Sikrid Ekran. Very cool guy.

Generously supported by:

  1. Ursula Demant
  2. Hans-D. Voigtmann


Born: 2011 / Died: 2020
Liked: free running in playground
Disliked: swimming in the lake

Goethe was the brother to Heine. He was always the cheerleader of the team, fun dog to have with. But at the same time shy and a bit unsecure as soon as he did not wear a harness anymore.

Generously supported by Rieke & Kira


Born: 2008 / Died: 2020
Liked: walking freely through the kennel
Disliked: getting massage with liniment

Bamse was a great dog, self-secure, natural authority in the pack, hard worker. She was an exceptional mother and aunt – she simply loved puppies. Read more about Bamse here

luna-8seasonshuskies dogs

Born: 2008 / Died: 2021
Liked: to hide bowls in her doghouse
Disliked: running on frozen lakes and rivers

Luna, the one and only. Everything started with her when we rescued her from a bigger kennel in 2008. An era ends with her. Read more about her life here…

Luna is generously supported by:

  1. Heike Demant
  2. Daniela Bölling

sopin 8seasonshuskies dogs msuhing

Born: 2010 / Died 2021
Liked: he loves to eat, everything
Disliked: be touched on his paws

Sopin came to us in 2016, brother to Solan. He got earlier retirememnt due to a muscle injury in his right biceps. He was a very social dog and always in a good mood.

Sopin is generously supported by:

Carina & Johnny Juto Hieta


Born: 2006 / Died 2019
Liked: being around kids
Disliked: Dino, the cat

Loop was my first outstanding command leader. He played an important role to teach the younger leaddogs. Here you can read more about his life…


Born: 2004 / Died 2018
Liked: dogtoys with queeky sound
Disliked: strangers

Dino was a very special dog to me. He teached me a lot, like having trust again, what a real lead dog is about and that attitude is everything. Here you can read more about his life…

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