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Leo is our farm dog. Stubborn, self secure and stubborn 😉

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Leo is not a husky. Former street dog from Portugal, still extremly crazy about food. He is deaf by now but enjoys the days on the coach with daily walks. Johannas best friend.

Born: 2007 / Weight: 36 kg
Likes: giving kisses, the real ones
Dislikes: waiting for food

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Friendship donation

You can choose to support one of our dogs through a friendship donation. 250€ is a symbolic amount for the dog care  throughout the year.

You get highlighted as supporter from your dog in our dog presentation, just let us know if you don´t want that.

You will get updates through posts on Instagram and Facebook and via our blog.

As a special thanks we invite you to spend a day with your dog at our kennel.

If you can´t choose one dog but want to support us you can easily make a donation via PayPal. Simply follow this link.

Thank you for your support!


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