Partners & Sponsors

To achive long term goals you need reliable partners.

We have listed here our most important sponsors and partners, simply because we are very grateful for their support and the high quality products they are offering. The dogs and the whole team benefits them!

For clarification

A sponsor provides us with equipment for free.
A partner gives a discount on their products or services or is helping to develop the team in other ways, for example through education.



ManMat is our sponsor for sled dog equipment like harnesses, collars and dog jackets.
The products from ManMat have high quality and great visibility. I like especially the T-Shirts, which protects the dogs against hair and skin abrasion from the harness. Also the windbreaker jacket is often used for the dogs during harsh weather conditions when the temperature is not to low.



Napfgenuss is our supplier for dryfood, located in Germany.
We are feeding their puppy dryfood since autumn 2021. The high quality and amount of protein (29%) and fat (22%) in the dryfood is a perfect fit for the need of our long endurance athletes. Best nutrition is key for optimal performance!


Trikem is our supplier for supplements. During intense training periods and races the dogs benefit from high quality supplements. We are using the products WorkingDog MaxRelax, WorkingDog MulitVitamin and WorkingDog Hyaluron365.

Priima hundfoder

Priima hundfoder is our supplier for frozen meat and chicken fat.
We use the meat and fat as additional snacks during or after training runs and races. During a race the sled dogs need about 8000kcal per day/dog. They get most of the energy from fat sources.


Speeddog is our supplier for frozen salmon.
Great source for omega-3 fatty acids.
Speedog delivers frozen salmon heads in the Torne Valley, both in Sweden and Finland.

Meraki Studios

Elise is the founder of Meraki Studios, based in the Netherlands.
She calls herself a modern storyteller, always seeking to capture the unique story of her clients. We had the honor to work with her in spring-winter 2020. And we hope for more joined projects in the future.

Irene Keil

Irene is our naturopath from Germany.
She works with different healing techniques like acupunkture, homeopathy and kinesiology.
Our dogs benefit from her treatments, mostly in the area mental balance.

Non-Stop dogwear

Non-Stop is one of our suppliers for sled dog equipment.
We use a lot their famous winter booties, which are known for their long durability and good fit. During really cold temperatures we like to use the long ditance jacket from Non-Stop, which also has an optional cover to protect the male genitals.


We buy our headlamps from in Sweden.
They have a great selection of high quality headlamps and fantastic service.
Good headlamps with a wide range are crucial for our training runs in late autumn and winter time.

We are ambassador for
A free sharing plattform for live events and streaming content connected to the Scandinavian countries. A great way for us to tell more about our sled dogs and the daily life with them in the North.