Donation-Stories No.01

We got a phone call…

Most of you know that we asked for help to support our dogs in end of March. If you are new on my blog here is a short summary about the last weeks:

Due to the Corona crisis we lost our income from one day to another – all our tours got cancelled – now until September 2020. We usually offer nature-based travels to Northern Scandinavia, canoe and hiking tours around our homestead in Miekojärvi and trekking tours on the Lofoten Islands are just some examples.

To be honest, I was shocked for a while. The fear to not be able to feed and take care of my dogs was overwhelming.

But then another gear, the survivor mode, kicked in – I simply had to try to solve this problem.

I worked night and day with this homepage, to be able to introduce you to our dogs and our daily life with 33 sled dogs at the Arctic Circle. Asking for help was and is still a strange feeling for me, usually I fix my problems alone. But I would do everything for the dogs – they are family.

My ask for support resulted in many donations and articles. I want to share some heart-warming donation stories with you.

We got a phone call…

Johanna answered and I could see in her facial expression that she got a wonderful message. The man who is responsible for snow plowing in front of our guesthouse read the article in the local newspaper. Anders felt so sorry for us and is a huge dog fan himself. To help us he decided to not charge for his work. What a generous gesture! Thanks Anders.

(In the morning of the 04.04.2020)

We got a phone call…

A woman from Boden called and offered her help. Since she read the article in the morning, she felt very sorry for our dogs and felt the need to help. Her husband died not long ago, and her own dog keeps her good company since then.

She donated 5000 SEK. Just like that. I mean, I did not know her, nevertheless she wants to help us. I almost had to cry on the phone, I was so touched about this act of kindness. I´m sure we will meet in person as soon as it is smart again to visit people. So that she gets to know all the amazing dogs at our kennel.

(In the morning of the 04.04.2020)

We got a phone call…

A little later I got another phone call – a man from Luleå was on the other end. Stig Oje was so touched by the article and his wife is originally from our neighbor village – so it was clear for him that he wants to help our dogs. After a short talk he decided to donate a palette with dogfood. To begin with I was quiet on the phone – stumbled.

My inner conversations started. A person who I never met before wants to pay for the dogfood for my dogs?  A whole palette? Does he even know how much it costs? Is this really happening right now?

I was also quiet because I was ashamed – it should have been me who is paying the food for my dogs.

I think I was quiet for a while because Stig Oje started talking again, worried that his offer was not ok. I pulled myself together and continued the conversation. His offer to help us was more than ok! By now the dogfood arrived at our kennel – the dogs love it!

I feel overwhelmed. We have dogfood for some months now and all these calls, emails and messages from the amazing people who like to support us.

A friend asked me how we are doing. I said, “Consider the circumstances really good – we have now dogfood.”

He asked again “How are YOU doing?”

My spontaneous answer was “Well, in worst case we can eat dogfood…”

Ok, seriously – our financial situation is not looking good right now. Our company is getting further away from surviving. We did all we could to collect information’s to be able to decide the next steps. We are waiting for some answers but soon we will know how or if the company can make it.

This decision shouldn´t be based on wishes and requests – we are responsible for each other, for our lives and for the dogs – so we should try to find the wisest decision, considering the knowledge we have right now.

What I know is that I will try everything to be able to live our life with the dogs, together.

Donation-Story No.1 – I never thought I could get to this point – relying on the help of others. But it´s a great feeling to experience the support and solidarity among us. Let us together take care of what is important to us.

Hope you enjoyed the heart warming stories. Thanks everyone!

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