Dogs at our kennel



Born: 2008 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: to hide bowls in her doghouse
Dislikes: running on frozen lakes and rivers

Luna, the one and only. Everything started with her when we rescued her from a bigger kennel in 2008. She is still going strong – a happy and healthy old lady.

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Luna is generously supported by: Heike Demant

jet 8seasonshuskies

Born: 2008 / Weight: 28 kg
Likes: sleeping in Zoes bed, all day long
Dislikes: sleeping outdoors

Jet is the old queen in our kennel. Her look is very important for her, probaply the most elegant and graceful dog in her pack. Hunting chickens was her favorite thing to do when she was younger ( we do not have chickens anymore…)

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Jet is generously supported by: Erika Feider

leo 8seasonshuskies dogs mushing

Born: 2007 / Weight: 36 kg
Likes: giving kisses, the real ones
Dislikes: waiting for food

Leo is not a husky. Former street dog from Portugal, still extremly crazy about food. He is deaf by now but enjoys the days on the coach with daily walks. Johannas best friend.

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Leo is generously supported by:
Ulrike Grandjean
Nadja Poerschke
Lukas Eisenstein

sopin 8seasonshuskies dogs msuhing

Born: 2010 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: he loves to eat, everything
Dislikes: be touched on his paws

Sopin came to us in 2016, brother to Solan. He got earlier retirememnt due to a muscle injury in his right biceps. He is a very social dog and always in a good mood.

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Sopin is generously supported by:
Carina & Johnny Juto Hieta


Born: 2010 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: all females and back rubes
Dislikes: nothing really

Solan, our big daddy. Proud father of 16 puppies. He is the most travelled dog in our kennel – he finished the Iditarod race over 1500km and won the Finnmarkslöpet 1000km with his first owner Sikrid Ekran. Very cool guy.

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Generously supported by: Ursula Demant


Born: 2011 / Weight: 27 kg
Likes: wants to be part of every action
Dislikes: beeing seperated from his pack

Heine is the brother to Goethe. He was a great athlete, always eager to go. Great fur, appetite and paws. He is sometimes unsure what to expect, but if his brother is around it´s ok. Can be a bit noisy, always afraid that I forget to give him food 😉

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Heine is generously supported by:
Jana Becker


Born: 2011 / Weight: 27 kg
Likes: free running in playground
Dislikes: swimming in the lake

Goethe is the brother to Heine. Also a great athlete, retired by now. He was always the cheerleader of the team, fun dog to have with. But at the same time shy and a bit unsecure as soon as he does not wear a harness anymore.

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Generously supported by Rieke & Kira


Born: 2016 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: kickbike runs with Zoe
Dislikes: if he can not sleep in a bed

Finn is the son of Dika, first puppy in our kennel. His brother Yuko and sister Idi moved to the South of Sweden. Staying at Jens place, truly a dog paradise. Finn got early retired from the race team due to back issues, but shorter tours with the kickbikes or longer walks are no problem for this big guy.

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Finn is generously supported by Anneliese Kling


Born: 2010/ Weight: 4-6 kg
Likes: sleeping under a blanket
Dislikes: dogs in the house

Dino is a special cat – like every cat. Strong personality, rules the house. Likes to be outside during summer time, in winter Dino is saving energy and tries to gain weight… Very picky with food. Filet is good enough, most of the time. Will probably never understand him, I´m simply more a dog-person. Luckily we have always friends and volunteers at our home who are real cat-persons.

Dino is generously supported by:
Telse Meier

Susann Raschke

Race dogs


Born: 2013 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: belly rubs and kisses
Dislikes: bad weather

Jompa is the main lead dog in the team right now. She always wants to do a got job, but she is not the toughest dog. She is very kind and loves to give kisses to everybody. But if she wears a harness she turns into a little maniac, motivating everybody while barking like crazy.

Support Jompa

Jompa is generously supported by:
Rainer Endres
Edeltraud Becker


Born: 2013 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: couch in the cabin
Dislikes: strong winds

Dika is the chief. Ruff, stubborn – simply lovely 🙂 Mother from our first litter. Crazy about salmon. Is not the “come we have some fun and chill” person. Everything is quite serious. Ask her how Kitkat lost half of her ear…

Support Dika

Dika is generously supported by: Heike Demant


Born: 2013 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: howling, always starts the concert
Dislikes: she is not best friend with Dika

Bozita is behaving like a crazy bunny on drugs. Quite sweet but a little too stressed sometimes. She got much calmer after her litter of 8 pups in 2018. She is a real motivater in the team, not 100% focused all the time but if I need a leaddog for difficult situations Bozita is always ready.

Support Bozita

Bozita is generously supported by:
Christian & Johanna Frielingsdorf


Born: 2015 / Weight: 22 kg
Likes: beeing by herself and cold temperatures
Dislikes: disrespect

Spice, mother of the 8 chocolate bars. Quite small but a real workaholic. No other dog is as serious about work as she is. 100% focused. One of the best long distance athletes in the kennel and a real sweetheart during her free time.

Support Spice

Generously supported by:
Family Kleine-Staarmann
Hanna Eisenstein


Born: 2017 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: run, run, run
Dislikes: not running

Thunder is a real powerhouse. He only knows 100% or 0%. Nothing in between. He is a steady leader but needs to learn still a lot, like listening sometimes 🙂 Very sweet guy, very social. Brother to Storm, Flash and Blizzard.

Support Thunder

Generously supported by:
Antje Dobberstein


Born: 2017 / Weight: 28 kg
Likes: her personal freedom
Dislikes: necklines

Storm lives up to her name. But she also has a very soft sensitive side. She is very social but likes to play ruff. Not everybody enjoys running next to her in the team, especially at the start.

Support Storm

Generously supported by: Tine & Florian


Born: 2017 / Weight: 27 kg
Likes: playing with Blizzard hide & seek
Dislikes: waiting is not her strong side

Flash still needs to gain more confidence, but we are getting there. Reliable teamdog, always focused.

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Born: 2017 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: playing, playing, playing
Dislikes: putting on booties

Blizzard is the new leaddog-star. Loves to speed up the team, likes challenges but needs a bit more time to develop self confidence. Always up for some fun, very positive.

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Born: 2018 / Weight: 30 kg
Likes: to give humanlike hugs
Dislikes: fish

Mars is the first born from the chocolade bar litter. Mother is Spice and father is Solan. Intense eyes, macho behavior with soft side. He is a real powerhouse in the team, just very crazy at the start. Looking forward to see how he will develop in the future.

Support Mars

Mars is generously supported by:
Anni & Minna Döll


Born: 2018 / Weight: 26 kg
Likes: back rubs like his father
Dislikes: cutting nails

Oreo is an incredible sweet guy, always wants to do a great job. Looks like he enjoys running in lead position. Very good fur and great appetite. He seems to plan a career as leaddog as well.

Support Oreo

Oreo is generously supported by:
Jana Becker


Born: 2018 / Weight: 26 kg
Likes: rolling in the snow
Dislikes: to get lifted up

Snickers is our surfer boy – he has the special look. Great fur and appetite. He has extraordinary face expression, fascinating eyes. Snickers and Saphir are the only ones who can handle Bounty as dogyard buddy.

Support Snickers

Snickers is generously supported by:
Linas and Elin Hafner


Born: 2018 / Weight: 26 kg
Likes: extreme cuddling
Dislikes: good question?

Duplo is very cool, soft, gentle, intense, explosive – quite a diverse personality. He is a natural in lead position together with his sister Bounty.

Support Duplo

Duplo is generously supported by:
Nicole & Margit


Born: 2018/ Weight: 18 kg
Likes: behaving like a badass boss
Dislikes: if the other dogs are not doing what she wants

Bounty is the smallest dog in our kennel, but has by far the biggest personality. Loves to get carried around (not sure how that could happen…), wants to be in front of everybody.

Support Bounty

Bounty is generously supported by:
Mikael Lanes
Wolfgang & Edith


Born: 2018 / Weight: 25 kg
Likes: climbing out of the dogyard
Dislikes: if she is not allowed to sleep in our cabin

Kitkat is simply Kitkat. Strong personality, selfsecure and a bit stubborn. Loves to pull, always focused – a real workaholic like her mother. Very deep voice.

Support Kitkat

Kitkat is generously supported by:
Monika Dechent


Born: 2018 / Weight: 23 kg
Likes: halfpipe jumps in the dogyard
Dislikes: if Leo is running through the kennel during feeding time, NOT ok!

Milkyway loves to jump, if possible also out of the dogyard. She is always checking if everybody is behaving. If not, you will hear it. Light-footed gait, also applying for a traineeship as future lead dog.

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Born: 2018 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: playing with empty bowls, makes a good sound
Dislikes: sudden changes, needs some time to adjust

Twix is calmer than her sisters, very sensible, do not like stressful situations. Always wants to do the right thing. Great team dog with a smooth trot.

Support Twix

Twix is generously supported by:
Linas and Elin Hafner


Born: 2018 / Weight: 29 kg
Likes: nibbling on everything
Dislikes: if he has to wait for cuddle time

Opal is very sweet. A big guy, soft and gentle (compared to our other big guys). If he gets scared he plays dead, not a very usuful tactic as a sled dog. Luckily he is not getting scared as much anymore 😉

Support Opal

Opal is generously supported by:

Isabelle & Jürgen


Born: 2018 / Weight: 27 kg
Likes: observing
Dislikes: to get carried around

Saphir is our little wolf, very beautiful and wise looking eyes. Everybody loves him. Great fur and appetite. Enjoys running almost everywhere in the team. Very calm, compared to all the other maniacs.

Support Saphir

Saphir is generously supported by:
Anni & Minna Döll


Born: 2018 / Weight: 26 kg
Likes: jumping from doghouse to doghouse in the playground
Dislikes: car-rides

Quartz is a joyful dog with a lot of power. Very smart. Likes to run in the front of the team, but due to a tonsillities he didn´t join the training this season. Starting slowly to train him with the kickbike now – he loves it.

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Born: 2018 / Weight: 27 kg
Likes: wants to play ALL the time
Dislikes: waiting, not running

Numit is hyperactive, quite similar to his mother Bozita. Plenty of energy. Sweet guy, social, great fur and appetite. He is also very beautiful and he is never getting dirty, fur is always shining. Little beauty-queen 🙂

Support Numit

Numit is generously supported by:
Jerome van der Made


Born: 2018 / Weight: 24 kg
Likes: digging deep holes in the playground
Dislikes: getting food too late in the evening

How many personalities has Lava? We are still figuring it out? Never gets boring with her. Sometimes melancholic and shortly after very excited and positive. Best friend is her brother Saphir. One of her personalities likes to run in lead position.

Support Lava

Lava is generously supported by:
Werner Krüper


Born: 2018 / Weight: 23 kg
Likes: sleeping on my snow overall in the cabin
Dislikes: mmmh, can´t come upp with something

Pearl is our little clown, best friend is big guy Opal. They love to play really ruff. She is one of the fastest dogs in our kennel, loves to run away from everybody. She prefers running in the back of the team and likes to bark at the dog next to her.

Support Pearl

Pearl is generously supported by:
Elvira Hahnenwald


Born: 2018 / Weight: 19 kg
Likes: barking if we want to sleep
Dislikes: beeing watched while eating

Jade is our little fox, one of the smaller dogs in the kennel with a big heart. A little cheerleader in the team, loves speeding up before a curve.

Support Jade

Jade is generously supported by:
Heiner Lütgert


Born: 2018 / Weight: 23 kg
Likes: to have some discussions at the fence with Oreo
Dislikes: if he is not allowed to chew the necklines

Rubin is our little prince. Very elegant dog. He is as hyper as his mother Bozita if he wants attention. Rubin runs best in the team further back, enjoys running next to Bozita.

Support Rubin

Rubin is generously supported by:
Götz Aumüller