Support your favorite dog and become a sponsor

You are welcome to become a dog-sponsor, in other words you will become a member of our supporteam. And this ist how it works:

  • Firstly you choose your favorite dog from the presentations.
  • Secondly you sign upp for the sponsorship at our webshop by completing your payment.
  • After that you are the proud sponsor of your choosen dog.
  • The sponsorship for a dog lasts for one year and covers partly the costs for the dog care throughout the year.

In additon and only if you like to, we mention your name at the dogs presentation page.

We will invest your money into food, health care and of course some special goodies and snacks!

And you are warmly welcome to visit your sponsored dog !

What if?

What if several supporters have the same favorite dog?

No worries! Every dog can have several sponsors. The yearly costs for one dog are covered with 5 sponsors . The money will help all dogs and if there is any money left – we will of course save it for the dogs care in the future.

What if one of the dogs do not have any sponsor?

We do not leave any dog behind! All dogs will be taken care of equally of course!

And finally, here are all our lovely dogs. Click on the pictures to read more about each dog!