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Special situation needs special actions

First of all – welcome to my blog about the life with sled dogs. I had planned the blog since several month now.

But never found the time.

Now I have time.

Normally I would have been very busy with guest tours from our company 8Seasons MI.EKO BASECAMP. 

A small outdoor tourism company run by Johanna and me. Located in Swedish Lapland at the Arctic Circle.

We are offering outdoor trips all year around, with focus on sustainable activities like canoeing, snowshoeing and sled dog tours. Since last year we are as well running a cozy guesthouse in Överkalix, 8SeasonsVilla.

We are living with 33 sled dogs and 1 cat on a half island in Miekojärvi.

We found our little arctic paradise – build up our live around our growing sled dog team. Reinvested all our money in our company and – off course – the main part in our beloved huskies.

Our calendar was fully booked, our guest came as tourists and left us as friends, we even planned to hire 2 extra guides for the next seasons. The future looked very promising after 12 years of hard work for me and Johanna. We decided to invest in a new grillkota and a sauna for the guests and more equipment like kick bikes, canoes and snowshoes last year. All signs pointed to growth.

Then everything changed within one week.

All our tours got cancelled, we have no guests anymore and it looks like we will not have guests in the summer month either. Our summer season here in the Northern part of Scandinavia is short. No monthly income for an infinite period.

We are in very difficult time right now. All we worked for the last 12 years seems to disappear. I always loved to share my passion for this region, arctic nature and for the sled dogs with our guests, friends and family.

Johanna and I can live with the situation that our company might not exist forever. We could find other jobs, we have always been survivors. But the monthly costs (about 2500 €) for the dogs are difficult to earn with temporary jobs.

The imagination to not be able to keep our dogs is heartbreaking. They are part of our family, everything we do is tailored to the daily life with the dogs. We always improve the health care, type of dogfood and training. To sell the dogs is not really an option, simply because everybody is facing the same situation.

I want to ask you for help to cover the monthly costs for my 33 sled dogs.

I am at my wit’s end.

It feels really wired to ask for this help.

We are used to solve our problems on our own. When we moved to Sweden in 2007, we basically started from scratch. But special situations require special actions. I step out of my comfort zone for the best of the dogs. Me and the dogs will be forever grateful if you like to support the 8SeasonsHuskies with a donation during this hard time.

Every Euro will make a difference.

If you like to support the dogs you can easily fill out the donation box in the sidebar our follow this link. (Donation made via PayPal)


  • Antje Peters

    Liebe Johanna und liebe Katharina,

    Ich habe Euren spannenden neuen Werdegang während diesem letzten Jahr mit Freude verfolgt und bin sehr traurig, dass Ihr Euch nun mit Euren Hunden in dieser entsetzlichen Misere befindet.
    Ähnlich geht es natürlich Walk Wild aber eben ohne 33 tollen Huskies!!

    Gerne teile ich Euer Anliegen auf meiner Walk Wild FB Seite mit über 5000 followers aber Euer Blog Link wäre sicher effektiver mit einem Hundebild? Wenn ich Euren Blog auf FB setze erscheint es mit einem Freudebild des Teams. Ein tolles Foto mit Euren Huskies wäre sicher ergreifender.
    Let me know how best to share.

    Ich wünsch Euch alles erdenklich Gute, mit vielen Grüssen aus SChottland,

    • Katharina

      Hallo Antje, vielen Dank für das Angebot – das nehmen wir sehr gerne an. Ich schicke dir gerne ein Foto via Email. Vielen vielen Dank schonmal für das teilen! Und dir auch alles Gute!

  • Kathleen De Meutter

    hello Katarina and Johanna
    So sorry to hear you are struggling with your company and loveley dogs. It has been a year when we met and did a nice tour with you and your dogs and you looked after our dogs when we had to return to Belgium for the funeral of my father. Hope you remeber us, we cooked you an Indian meal when we returned. I have shared on facebook and will transfer a donation today.
    Matt and i might want to return to the North this winter or coming spring and are looking for volunteer work, so pls let us know if we could help out in that way as well.
    Kathleen and Matt

    • Kat&8SeasonsHuskies

      Hej, of course I remember you and the doggies. AND the fantastic dinner! Right now we can´t say if we need additional help, due to the circumstances. As it looks right now we have enough volunteers. But let´s keep in touch. And you are always welcome for a coffee or tea 🙂

  • Ute Wallner

    Liebe Katharina,
    es schmerzt mich zutiefst wie sehr Euer arktisches Paradies mit Euren geliebten Huskies bedroht ist. Ich war 2013 mit Dir auf den Lofoten ( hab das Foto mit der grossen Welle in der Kvalvika Bucht gemacht und dafür nasse Schuhe kassiert..). Es war so grossartig, mit welcher Freude und Herzblut Du diese grossartige Landschaft mit uns geteilt hast. Nun möcht ich Euch unterstützen, habe aber kein Pay Pal. Kannst Du mir eine Bankverbindung nennen? Ganz liebe Grüsse from sister to sister, Ute Wallner

    • Kat&8SeasonsHuskies

      Hallo Ute,
      danke für die netten Worte! Ich schicke dir eine E-Mail mit allen Daten! Viele Grüsse aus dem Norden – wir geben nicht auf 🙂

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