Our 29 huskies need your help.

Due to the Corona restrictions Johanna and me (Katharina) had to cancel all our guest groups, suddenly we were without income. To be able to finance our race dogs I started this website in the end of March with the ask for support.

We got great feedback, donations and even some dogfood delivered free of charge. So wonderful! Thanks to all of you!

 But the challenges are not over yet. We finally had to declare bankruptcy 18/5/2020 for our company. As a result, a lot of equipment we need for the dogs – like ATV for training in autumn and sleds – are getting sold. I am educating myself through a course to be able to work in the forest and Johanna might become a project leader for tourism development in our region. Fingers crossed.

We keep on living our dream with the dogs – trying to be as flexible as possible and open for new solutions.

If you enjoy our videos, posts and pictures you are more than welcome to help us.

If you want to support our dogs, you can easily donate via PayPal or ask for my bank account details if you prefer the traditional transfer.  You can also choose to become a sponsor of one dog. You will get a sponsorship certificate, updates about your dog through exclusive videos and pictures and you are welcome to spend a day with your dog at our kennel (of course first when the travel situation allows it).

Read more about the begining of the Corona challenges for us here.

New design

Now available online

As promised I created a new design from Lunas profile. I´m curious how you like it. You can choose between a hoodie and a t-shirt.

The t-shirts and hoodies are made from organic cotton and there is a nice selection of colors. The earnings go directly to the dogs, minus the production costs. The German company Seedshirt is responsible for printing and shipping.

The earnings are a donation for our beloved sled dogs.

Thank you!

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The long endurance athletes

This fantastic video got created during the winter months February and March 2020. An unforgetable cooperation with Meraki Studios from the Netherlands. Elise travelled to the North to test out her equipment in the cold. We expected some short movies about our activites at the Arctic Circle. All of us were blown away by the results. Real magic happened there.

Thank you!


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