If my life would be a recipe, it would only take a few ingredients and a lot of time.

100% sled dogs = 100% life

Recipe for my life

Main ingredients

  • a pack of wonderful sled dogs
  • a plan to participate in the longest dog sled race in Europe
  • a handful of challenges and adventures


  • a huge portion of love, happiness, trust, passion, and patience from my life partner Johanna
  • Countless splashes of support from loved ones who believe in us
  • an arctic climate package
  • an ample pinch of money 😊


  • Take your time
  • Gradually put all the ingredients together
  • Mix all ingredients slowly and carefully until everything is well mixed
  • Don’t be in a hurry, but the momentum shouldn’t be missing either
  • Never stop stirring …
  • Give 100%

The main ingredient in my recipe for life are my sled dogs. The sled dogs and everyday life with them 365 days a year – that’s my life. I am fascinated by the enthusiasm of the sled dogs for running and pulling in front of the sled and being together in arctic nature. It’s not just about sledding itself. It’s about the whole picture.

The high energy level of the sled dog motivates me every day. The dogs have incredible potential and boundless joy. It’s just great that I never have to wonder if the dogs want to do that. They are naturally made for the arctic climate, physical challenges, and pack life.

I have to make sure that they are healthy, that they are cared for appropriately and that they are athletically fit through great training and feeding programs. Because the performance for which they were bred can only be achieved if the suitable conditions for the dogs are given. And I always build this on the premises of the individual dog. With a lot of affection, observation, and respect I try to help them to develop to their full potential. Both as athletes and pack members. In this way, we can take new hurdles together, master challenges, and build deep trust.

The dogs want activation, food, relaxation, and lots of affection and attention. I give my best to see that their needs are covered, by me and our team.

Our everyday life is completely tailored to the needs of the dogs. Life with so many dogs determines what we do and what we don’t do. For me, it’s almost like therapy. I also have a lot of energy myself, sometimes too much. The interaction with the dogs gives me focus, it calms me down a lot. I can channel my energy and it gives me a wonderful feeling of freedom. Life with the sled dogs is fulfilling and rewarding for me.

Over the years we (the dogs and I) have participated in several long-distance races. Sometimes more and sometimes less successful. But very instructive every time. My fascination with long-distance dog sledding has grown stronger with every year and every experience. And despite many setbacks, nothing has changed in my plan to take part in the longest sled dog race in Europe, the Finnmarkslöpet over 1200 kilometers. On the way to the starting line, we will master more challenges and experience numerous adventures. I’m looking forward to that!

But what would life be without flavors?

First of all, I am not alone. Without my partner Johanna, I couldn’t and wouldn’t live life like this. She is always there for me, encourages and challenges me, gives me security and trust, has a lot of patience, and shares my passion for huskies. She also loves sled dogs and everything that comes with them. With her I can dare more, push my limits, fully engage with the dogs and be ambitious. Together we make plans and work together to achieve them. I couldn’t have wished for more luck.

Knowing that someone believes in you gives you infinite power. Over the years we have met a lot of people. Lots of wonderful people who care about how we live with the dogs. People who give us energy through their enthusiasm. People who believe in us and support us on many levels. Be it through motivating conversations, inspiring meetings, delicious gifts, or financial support. All of this gives us strength, endurance, joy, happiness, and new opportunities.

Life in arctic nature is the best basis for living with sled dogs. Nature sets the pace. All seasons have their charm, meaning, and purpose. Life here in the far north, in Swedish Lapland, is characterized by intense times. From extreme cold, long darkness, and deep snow in winter to energetic permanent light, lively swarms of mosquitoes, and never-ending blueberry forests in summer. This intense life challenges me as a person.

The possibility of always something new learning to go beyond my limits and develop myself motivates me in everyday life.

To top it off, my recipe for life is supplemented with a pinch of money. Not too much, but above all not too little. Too much has never happened to me, but we narrowly missed too little last year. Thanks to wonderful people who supported us, we were able to save our life with the dogs.
We are deeply grateful and will be forever!

Today we have our “pinch of money” under control again and can finance the dogs ourselves all year round. Balanced nutrition, kennel maintenance, and necessary vaccinations are covered. An extra reserve for possible veterinary costs grows slowly and gives us a good feeling that we can sustainably meet our responsibility.

We are determined to continue working on the extra pinch of money for the preparation and participation in dog sled races, training assignments, snack production, and extended equipment.

Because you have surely noticed one thing, it takes a lot of time to prepare my recipe for life. But the effort is worth it, I can feel it every day!

With a lot of time, a few selected ingredients, and strong spices, something wonderful can be prepared.

100% sled dogs = 100% life.

And if you want to spice up our life, click here …

The long endurance athletes

This fantastic video got created during the winter months February and March 2020. An unforgetable cooperation with Meraki Studios from the Netherlands. Elise travelled to the North to test out her equipment in the cold. We expected some short movies about our activites at the Arctic Circle. All of us were blown away by the results. Real magic happened there.

Thank you!


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